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Apple competitors mock the new MacBook

13-competitors "width =" 1 "height =" 1 "style =" display: none; "class =" alignnone size-medium wp-image-548686 "srcset =" wp-content / uploads / 2015/03/13-competitors-600x449.jpg 600w, 300w, 144w, /03/13-concorrentes-900x674.jpg 900w, 1024w "sizes =" (max-width: 1px ) 100vw, 1px "/> Say what you want about Apple, but it is a daring company. Sometimes it misses, sometimes it gets over the point, but it risks and dictates trends. It's too early to say whether the new one <strong>MacBook</strong> It will be a hit or not, but it took the tech world scene this week even more than the Apple Watch.</p>
<p>For the sake of thickness and lightness, Apple ripped all the ports off its new laptop, replacing them with a single USB-C. Some competitors wasted no time in ?responding?:</p><div class=


THE Lenovo had the courage to place the MacBook next to a horrible laptop. Not only that, but he clearly did not use an image of the new MacBook, but of a ?Photoshopped? Air with a USB-C port. What this is about, I don't know.

J a Dell it was more subtle, focusing on a differential of its 13-inch competitor. Now, with 1 ? more in screen size it also has a larger number of pixels.

Finally, the ASUS gave one jab left and right: your ZenBook UX305 thinner than the new MacBook and still comes out at half the price.

For these three companies, they are already ?responding? in that way, because Apple's announcement at least bothered them a little.

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And since we're talking about the new MacBook, keep this Apple ?engineer? laughing about the machine's development process:

The 480p camera was really awesome.

(via AppleInsider, Daring Fireball)