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AMD launches Linux driver for sensors on notebooks with Ryzen CPU

After more than a year of waiting, AMD finally launches a driver for Ryzen notebooks with sensors such as the gyroscope.

Users of laptops equipped with AMD Ryzen processors will finally be able to use features related to sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer on Linux.


It has been a long time since the community started questioning AMD about the functioning of sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer in mobile devices equipped with AMD Ryzen processors. To obtain such compatibility it would be necessary to create a driver for the Sensor Fusion Hub, which should be included in the Linux Kernel, thus enabling the correct functioning of such sensors.

Still in 2018, AMD commented on the matter, and stated that it was working on a driver, which should be ready by the second half of 2019. Despite the delay, behold, in the second week of January this year (2020) AMD finally releases the driver, which was called amd-sfh-hid, and provide full compatibility between the Sensor Fusion Hub and the Linux Kernel, thus making the sensors of these devices start to work natively in potentially any Linux distro.

The Sensor Fusion Hub sensors are equivalent to the Intel Sensor Hub, which has been supported by the Linux Kernel since its launch, when the Linux Kernel was still in version 4.9. Now AMD users will finally be able to take advantage of this functionality natively on any Linux distribution.

However, the nearly 2500 lines of driver code that were received by the Linux Kernel development team will need some time to be fully integrated into the Kernel, and it is quite possible that this process has already been fully completed in Linux version 5.6.

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