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↪ Curiosity: New MacBook's keyboard uses Apple Watch's San Francisco font

New MacBook keyboard

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From the beginning, our goal was to create a perfect Mac experience without giving up anything. A full keyboard is an essential part of this. In order for it to fit the thin structure of the MacBook, we had to develop the principle keyboard. Each component was rethought for the MacBook, the internal mechanism, the curvature of the surface of each key and the design of the letters. The result was a surprisingly thinner keyboard than the previous one. Now, when your finger presses a key, it moves down and up with a quick and consistent movement that allows you to type with incredible precision.

In addition to bringing news such as the butterfly mechanism, a new design and a new precise backlight, the keyboard of the new MacBook left behind the traditional Vag Rounded font (created by Volkswagen in 1978 and used by Apple on their keyboards since 1999, with the launch of the first iBook) and adopted the San Francisco (font created for the Watch interface). It was beautiful! (The Next Web)