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Twitter ends support of your app for iOS 9 or earlier

This week, the Twitter released the 7.30 update of its iPhone app and announced on its release what support for iOS 9 or earlier has ended. According to the company, the decision to simplify the development of the app for all customers remembering that the app will not stop operating on these operating systems, they will not receive any more updates.

We are simplifying the development of our application for all customers. As a result, devices running iOS 9 or earlier will not receive more Twitter updates. To receive the latest feature updates, performance improvements and bug fixes, upgrade to iOS 10 or higher.

Thus, from the next update of the Twitter app, only users who are running the iOS 10 or higher will continue to receive support and service news for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Of course, removing support for older platforms means that the company can more quickly implement new features and enjoy the benefits provided by recent technologies without worrying about how to support older devices.

IOS 9 was launched almost three years ago and, with the end of support, some devices will no longer be required to receive updates from the Twitter app, including: the iPhone 4s, the third generation iPad, the original iPad mini and the 5th generation iPod touch. In addition to Twitter, other apps are abandoning support for some older operating systems like WhatsApp, which will stop working on iOS 7 in a few years.

In addition to this change in the official Twitter app itself, the social network as a whole has recently hacked several APIs used by third-party customers and forced them to remove certain features.

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On a related note, yesterday Apple released the 10 beta version of iOS 12, which is expected to be released to the general public in the next month. IOS 12 will be made available to all gadgets that run iOS 11, giving another year of life to the iPhone 5s, iPad Air or later, all models of iPad Pro and iPad mini 2 or later.

via TechCrunch