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Twelve South takes the idea of ​​Smart Covers to create support for MacBooks

One of Apple's great insights with Smart Covers it was their foldable format, which makes them both covers to protect the iPad and serve as a support for the tablet to be tilted on the table, making it easier to type on it. Because the Twelve South decided to take this idea to an accessory for MacBooks.

The new BaseLift it is glued to the bottom of laptops and can be ?folded? just like Smart Covers, elevating the MacBook [Air / Pro] in a super comfortable way.

When not in use, the BaseLift is so thin that it is barely noticeable under the computer. And that's cool, because you will always be with her wherever you go.

In the United States, the product will cost $ 40 and be compatible with any Apple laptop.

[via iClarified]