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The first reviews of the new MacBook come out, with very similar opinions

Yesterday we shared with you some relevant opinions from people who received an Apple Watch unit to test. Because today it was time for others to talk about the new MacBook, which, like the clock, will start to be sold from tomorrow (10/4).

The beautiful post of the time who did it was Mashable, bringing very cool photos of the new machine. Christina Warren's opinion (author of the text), however, can be used as an example for many of the reviews that have come out.

In general, if you value performance, your machine is the MacBook Pro; if you want portability with some performance and connectivity, the MacBook Air is the answer. Who is the public, then, of the new MacBook? For now we are talking about a small group of people who are very, very much fond of portability. For Warren, this is the perfect computer for that person who loves the iPad but wants a real keyboard and a bigger screen.

Overall, the MacBook stands out for what it is, but for what it represents. A few years from now, with improved performance, more widespread USB-C connectivity and increasingly reliable wireless standards, this is * the computer *.

Dana Wollman, from Engadget, also shares the same opinion and thinks that what we are seeing with the new MacBook is a repeat of what we saw when the MacBook Air was originally launched: a machine with a very strong concept, which will undoubtedly define the future of the category. Now, however, the MacBook is a little ahead of its time (expensive, with reasonable performance and very little connectivity option).

The videos produced by the The Verge they're really cool, so it's worth sharing what they did for the new MacBook

Guess the opinion of Dieter Bohn? An amazing notebook, but you are likely to be happier if you buy the next generation. The performance for being the equivalent of a 2011/2012 MacBook Air, and that is not bad for those who just browse Safari, use social networks, answer emails, etc. But when opening an image in Fotos, a video in iMovie it can start to get too slow. So, in one or two generations, this notebook can reach the level it should be today.

Jason Snell of Macworld, loved the Retina display and the Force Touch trackpad; j the keyboard with the new butterfly mechanism seems to take something to get used to. Snell thinks the exchange here is very clear: if the person prioritizes portability (weight, thickness, size, etc.), this is the notebook; now, if you need to connect accessories to your Mac and need a performance above average to perform tasks, this is definitely not the ideal choice.

Snell user of a MacBook Air and looks at the new MacBook with a mixture of enthusiasm and fear. But in general what we have been talking about forever: in a few generations, this will be the standard of notebooks that we will see on the market.

A number of other reviews have also appeared in several vehicles and opinions are practically the same: we are facing a notebook of the future, which will once again define the category. Ns, do , we will soon be testing both the new MacBook and Watch and will bring * our * opinion to you in first impressions posts about the machines. Wait!