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Supposed images of the “iPad mini 4” housing show that this year, we will have a real upgrade

When Apple launched the iPad mini 3, I was a little disappointed. I've always been a fan of Apple's 7.9-inch tablet, but the truth is that the company practically abandoned the mini in its third generation.

The novelties of the iPad mini 3 were three: a new option in golden color, the arrival of Touch ID and NFC. We cannot deny that the fingerprint sensor makes a lot of difference in the user experience, but it was ugly for Ma to upgrade the iPad Air 2 and leave the mini 3 with the same internal components and second generation design.

Some doubts that Apple will ?fix this error? with the iPad mini 4?

What we see above is a supposed case of the future iPad mini. As we can see, it is very similar to the current structure of the iPad Air 2 (a line of speakers, absence of the silencer / rotation lock button on the screen, repositioned microphone, etc.).

Let's hope that the internal components of the iPad mini 4 are matched to the future iPad Air 3, leaving all tablets again at the same level and differentiating them simply by the size of the screen.

iPad mini 3

iPad mini 3

Price view: from R $ 1,556.10Installed price: in at 24x of R $ 82.11 (with interest)Colors: space gray, silver and goldCapabilities: 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GBRelease: September 2014

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