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Saraiva and MacMagazine: offers on iPhones and Macs, only this weekend!

If you have not taken advantage of any of the recent promotions we have released for iPhones and Macs, you have painted a new opportunity for this final week more precisely until 11:59 pm on Sunday.

THE Hail created a special offer page for readers of the MacMagazine, which we list below comparing all values ??in sight payments:

ProductPreo at Apple BrasilPreo at SaraivaDiscount
8GB iPhone 4sR $ 989.10R $ 854.05-14%
16GB iPhone 5sR $ 2,249.10R $ 2,111.12-6%
16GB iPhone 6R $ 3,149.10R $ 2,903.12-8%
64GB iPhone 6R $ 3,509.10R $ 3,079.12-12%
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBR $ 3,509.10R $ 3,255.12-7%
MacBook Air MD711BZ / BR $ 4,859.10R $ 4,223.12-13%
MacBook Pro MD101BZ / AR $ 5,759.10R $ 4,399.12-24%

It is worth noting that the iPhones are available in all their respective colors and that the MacBook Air offered is not the line launched last week, but the previous one.