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Recent updates on the App Store: Fortnite, Hangouts, LinkedIn, Trello and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store.

Today we have:

Fortnite app icon

Try the travel-slit, which is a bottled slit; activate it to teleport to the skies and generate a crack in the location. Improved Limited Time Mode, new locations appearing on the map.

Hangouts app icon

New location selector, bug fixes and stability improvements.

LinkedIn app icon

The LinkedIn profile is the best place to show your professional achievements. The profile layout for people who worked in different positions in the same company has been improved, allowing a clearer view of your career evolution. Did you get a promotion? Congratulations! Your LinkedIn profile is better than ever.

Trello app icon

Reaction emojis! Any user who comments on a Trello card can also add a reaction emoji. You can also tap on an emoji that has already been added to reinforce the idea.

Day One Journal app icon

Version 3 arrived with a brand new editor redesigned and built from scratch, two new features for members Premium (dark mode and audio recording) and more.

Wire ? Secure Messenger app icon

Team accounts now support services, maximum file size has risen to 100MB (or 25MB for free accounts), locked screen is now disabled when recording an audio message, among others.

Plotaverse app icon: Photo Video Editor

New tutorial section, several new tools for FX Overlays, streaming adaptive, general optimizations, etc.

Hydra app icon ?Amazing Photography

Now supports the telephoto lens of iPhones with two cameras, works with selfies and now minimally requires iOS 10.0.

WinZip compression / decompress app icon

RAR files with spaces in the file name can now be opened / unzipped.

WinZip Pro app icon: zip, unzip & rar

RAR files with spaces in the file name can now be opened / unzipped.

Banco Original app icon

iPhone X user? So, your time has come: the app is fully adapted for you. Haven't you asked for 100% digital salary portability? Do it now and have exclusive benefits. In this version, some navigation bug fixes have been made and performance has been improved.

Smiles app icon


in Smiles

Compatible with iPhones

Version 2.91.0 (265.9 MB) Requires iOS 9.3 or superior

Use Uber also in the app: now you can also buy Uber credits by paying with a credit card and accumulating miles or redeeming Uber credits with miles, directly in the app. Now, you join Clube Smiles and choose how to pay your subscription – monthly or yearly (in cash or up to 12x interest-free).

United Airlines app icon

Improvements were made to the technology for reading passports and improvements to navigation through airport maps.