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Offer: buy Apple routers with discounts of up to 40%! [atualizado 2x]

The AirPorts (Apple routers) are known to be good products. I have seen a lot of IT people indicating these beauties to home users, mainly because of the ease and speed that a wireless network is set up through the AirPort Utility (~ / Applications / Utilities /).


Because the Ricardo Electro is selling AirPorts at really attractive prices. See the price comparison view:

As a differential, these prices of Ricardo Electro can still be paid in up to 3 installments without interest!

It is a pity that AirPort Express (the most affordable of them) is not on the cake, but the prices are very competitive even when compared to the Americans. There, the products would leave for around R $ 744 (Extreme), R $ 1,118 (Time Capsule of 2TB) and R $ 1,491 (Time Capsule of 3TB) calculations using a quotation of R $ 3.23 of the dollar (about R $ 0.10 above of the commercial dollar, standard tariff used by credit cards), American tax (city of San Francisco; 8.75%) and IOF (6.38%).


Update · 03/23/2015 s 21:32

Of the two, one: either stocks were very low or people bought like never before! AirPort Extreme and the 3TB Time Capsule are now unavailable.

Update II · 03/23/2015 s 21:38

The three are now unavailable.