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Louis Vuitton fashion company launches wireless headphones more expensive than iPhone

The famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton decided to enter one of the main trends in the technological world: wireless headphones. In partnership with the manufacturer Master & Dynamic, the company introduced the Horizon Earphones, and the price is not very friendly, as expected.

The product that owns the fashion brand has reached the market costing $ 1090, about R $ 4.536 in direct conversion to our currency. Following the United States price, the accessory is more expensive than a 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro, which costs $ 999 in the country. In Brazil, the model costs R $ 6,999 at the official Apple store.

Image: Louis Vuitton / Divulgao

For that price, the user who buys the Louis Vuitton headset will have a product with technologies like continuous noise cancellation, way of environmental audio and Bluetooth 5.0, which promises a connection of up to 30 meters.

Regarding the battery, Horizon Earphones can handle up to 10 hours away from the outlet on a single charge and run for up to an additional 30 hours on the power provided by the accessory's transport hood.

The new Louis Vuitton headphones also come in different colors, including eye-catching models like white, yellow and red. The product shipping box also has a very eye-catching look.

Image: Louis Vuitton / Divulgao

Despite this, the Mashable points out that users get a better cost-benefit in headphones if they do not want to get attached to the famous fashion company. Master & Dynamic itself, a company that takes care of the manufacture of Louis Vuitton headphones, has a model called MW07 Plus, which has the main characteristics of the designer model for US $ 299, about R $ 1,244.

Still, we are talking about premium products, as the wireless headset industry is quite competitive and there are already cheaper models on the market, mainly made by Chinese manufacturers.

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