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Law firm invites Canadians to class action on FaceTime bug

It didn't take even two days after the discovery of the serious bug in FaceTime for a Houston (Texas, United States) attorney to file a lawsuit against Apple, claiming he was overheard while taking a client's testimony.

If in that case there were people accusing the lawyer of trying to profit from the problem in an unreasonable way, check this out: Lambert Avocat, a law firm based in Montreal (Canada), is inviting all interested parties to join a press conference against Apple.

Basically, any Canadian who owns an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac who has been hurt by the bug (even though the feature has been disabled remotely by Apple hours after the case wins the media) can join.

In addition to these two lawsuits, Apple will also be investigated by the state of New York. And believe me, there are still new cases of the kind for even more now, that Apple has postponed the release of a definitive correction until next week.

via AppleInsider