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Just a day later, Apple restores Facebook business certificate [atualizado: Google também]

Yesterday afternoon, we covered in detail here the breach of Apple Developer Program rules committed by Facebook, which culminated in its business certificate being revoked by Apple causing, of course, a big headache for the social network, as many of its internal / private apps depended on this certificate to work.

Shortly thereafter, Google was found to be doing something similar and, as expected, its certificate was also revoked by Apple a few hours ago. Now, good news for Facebook: Apple is already restored your business certificate.

Mike Isaac, reporter for New York Times, received the following statement from a Facebook spokesperson:

We had our Business Certificate, which enables our internal employee applications, restored. We are now in the process of getting these internal apps back up and running. Of course, this has not had an impact on our consumer services.

Although the spokesman used the term "restored", able that Apple simply allowed Facebook to issue a * new * business certificate for its apps. Thus, it ensures that all apps that previously violated its rules through the old certificate will not work again.

The punishment of just over 24 hours can only seem light, but certainly the message was passed. The rules of the Apple Developer Program must be followed by everyone equally, no matter if you are Facebook or Google.

Update by Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro02/01/2019 at 08:25

A few hours after revoking Google's business certificates, Apple restored them again (much faster than Facebook's, by the way), as Mark Bergen (from Bloomberg) and was later confirmed by a Mountain View company spokesman.

The Googlers now they have their iOS apps back, everything is fine with the world.

With the removal of certificates hours ago, Google employees lost access to test versions of their iOS applications, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Calendar, causing a ?soft loss of productivity? that will surely make the company more careful on the spot. comply with Apple policies.

Former Apple Michael Gartenberg toyed with the fact that the Cupertino giant restored, as soon as possible, company certificates suggesting that the billions they invest in Ma cannot be overlooked.

We need to fix them as we did on FB (Facebook), but we also took billions of them, so let's solve this.

Business is business, after all.