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Jobs for streaming media experts jump at Apple

Just connect the dots to understand that Apple is getting everything ready for the launch of its long awaited streaming video: last week, we commented on the update of the TV app that will allow users to subscribe to third-party content (and probably Ma's own service); now, open positions for your IMG peaked in the first month of the year, as reported by Thinknum.

Apple Media Group Vacancies

According to data compiled by the analyst firm, the number of vacancies for Apple's media group rose to 42 after several months stagnated. The Cupertino giant informs that IMG "is responsible for the creation of media reproduction technologies, video on demand and live streaming" through its products (iOS, macOS, tvOS, etc.)

O Thinknum He also pointed out that, although the video content industry is dominated by large companies such as Netflix and Amazon, the Apple device ecosystem is strong and has a wide customer base, which helps (and a lot) the company to launch and maintaining your thriving service streaming.

If Apple manages to push a fraction of its 360 million subscribers (from iCloud and / or Apple Music) to its streaming video, it will come out very, very well positioned.

Jobs related to

Looking more carefully at the list for jobs they have streaming in name or function, it is possible to verify a positive variation in the last months in the number of vacancies of employees who help (and will help) in the construction of the service. There are currently eight vacancies available, all for streaming of content.

Apple Retail Jobs

Despite the prominence of vacancies for your service, Apple has not left behind other internal positions, such as Apple Store technicians. In this sense, the company's hiring for retailers increased last November, from 303 to 498 vacancies.

Despite the difficulties faced in some Asian markets, Apple has invested in contracts in regions such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and even China (where the numbers of Ma were the most divergent).

via 9to5Mac