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Instagram: app reveals feed color palette | Social networks

The color palette of the Instagram feed can be discovered through the online application A Year of Color. Users usually organize their publications according to the shades of the photos, and the app allows to gather in a figure the predominant tones in the posts to then transform them into circles of different sizes, according to the number of likes of the publication. It is possible to delimit a period of activity to generate the palette, such as posts for a specific month or year.

The image can be shared on social media as a different retrospective of Instagram in 2018. The Year of Color was developed by Makelight, a company focused on guiding Instagram profiles that want to attract more followers. The application works only on public accounts and requires the password to access the social network, so that it is not possible to view the color palette of other users.

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A Year of Color renews feeds in color palette Photo: Divulgao / A Year of ColorA Year of Color renews feeds in color palette Photo: Divulgao / A Year of Color

A Year of Color renews feeds in color palette Photo: Divulgao / A Year of Color

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To use A Year Of Color, simply access the application's website (yearofcolour) and press the Sign in with Instagram button. Then, the user must enter the login data of the social photo network. According to the app's privacy policy, developers cannot view the account password, and the requested authorization does not allow activities on Instagram, giving access only to the photos published in the profile.

Year of Color allows you to adjust the appearance of the final report as you wish. It is possible to display colors from publications of specific periods, filter colors with or without brightness, organize the circles according to the date of publication, among other actions. The app selects between six and nine shades of each photo, and the circle size is determined by the number of likes in the publication and the amount of color chosen in the image.

In addition to being fun, the site is a good alternative for those who want to make the feed more attractive as it allows them to check how the color palette of each profile is harmonizing. In the end, it is still possible to print the feed palette or share the result on social networks.

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