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HydraDock is an accessory that expands the connectivity of the new MacBook and still serves as a stand

If there's one thing that * everyone * questioned in the new MacBook it was Apple's decision to put only one USB-C port on the machine. Okay, his intention is to be as portable as possible, but did he need to be so extreme? To solve this problem, KickShark turned to Kickstarter (crowdfunding site) to create the HydraDock.

In addition to serving as a stand, this dock greatly expands the machine's connectivity options by offering a headphone jack (3.5mm), an SDXC card jack, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a Mini DisplayPort, an HDMI, four USB 3.0 and two USB- Ç.


The purpose of a dock like this simple: whether at home or at work, we usually need more connectivity than when using a notebook in a coffee shop, on a trip, etc. So the idea is to put the HydraDock in that place that you spend more time with the MacBook on the table and, by plugging just one cable into the USB-C port, you have access to a lot of peripherals.

The project has already reached its target of US $ 35 thousand to be executed; with $ 129 plus $ 20 for international shipping, you guarantee a HydraDock unit.


Taking advantage of Apple's nonsense it still doesn't allow owners of the new MacBook to connect their iPads, iPhone and iPods directly to the computer without needing an adapter, the guys are launching a Lightning / USB-C cable ($ 24 + $ 10 from the front ).


To complete and take advantage of the versatility of the new USB-C standard, they also launched a vehicle charger for the machine (US $ 34 + US $ 10 for shipping)!

Nice, huh?

(via iClarified)