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Hub +, created specifically for the new MacBook

We talked a lot here on the website and in the podcast about the Achilles heel of the new MacBook: it has only one USB port, and still Type-C (with a new connector).

Soon, many who were interested in the qualities of the machine conclude that, when they are at home or at work, a hub would fall well. I just don't know if they imagined something as cool as the Hub +, from nonda.

The project needed to raise $ 35,000 for Kickstarter to become a reality, but it has already topped $ 120,000. No wonder; he was very nice.

In addition to being cute and portable, the Hub + offers two USB-C ports, three USB-A ports, an SDXC card reader, a Mini DisplayPort and also has an internal battery to give a quick charge on the iPhone in case of need.

Anyone who wants to secure one now can invest in the project for $ 79 to $ 20 less than it costs when it officially hits the market.

Too much!

(tip from Cadmo Junior)