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How to get the most out of Apple Watch activities, goals and achievements

O Apple Watch its image of centrality of health and well-being is increasingly attached to the Apple ecosystem, and part of this has to do with Apple's total commitment to making watchOS a complete and, let's say, holistic platform in terms of monitoring activities.

Apple Watch Activity Rings

Within this logic, some elements stand out: the app Activity (Activity), with the notorious rings that show the progress in your physical activities in three aspects, the goals that you can configure within that same application and, finally, the achievements that reward you with special badges at important events or days if you fulfill certain tasks pre-established.

Below, we will unravel a little more each one of these elements so that you can use your Apple Watch in the best possible way and allow it to help you further to achieve a healthier life. Let's go?

Activity rings

If you've come across those three colored rings and you don't know what the hell each one means, this is the chance to change that. The biggest one, pink, refers to movement, that is, how many active calories you have spent in the day so far based on your steps, rhythm and exercises. It is possible to change your daily movement goal (that is, how many calories you want to spend per day) by pressing firmly on the Activity app screen.

"Apple "Changing

The middle circle, lime green, refers to your exercises. You can accomplish your daily goal by doing 30 minutes of exercise during the day, which is a time recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for maintaining a healthy life until you can change that goal; it serves more as an indicator that you are doing the minimum.

The smallest circle, light blue, that of the time you stand. You can achieve this goal by getting up and moving for at least one minute every hour for 12 hours of your day, which is also a minimum WHO recommendation. If you use a wheelchair (and you have specified this in the system, of course), the circle changes to the roll count ie you must move with the chair for at least one minute every hour for 12 hours of your day . This goal is also not adjustable and serves to give you minimal guidance on your activities.

Activity rings on iPhone

It is good to note that you can slide your rings upwards on the Apple Watch to see the details of each circle so you can then check your total steps, the time spent on exercise and the period you stood or rolled with your chair of wheels throughout the day. The Activity app for iPhone also has a history, you can see the calendar with the rings of every day since the beginning of the use of the platform, comparing performances and setting new goals.

Also in the iPhone app, you can set up reminders that will remind you to stand (or roll your wheelchair) and complete your daily exercises in this way, not even the most busy days will pass through the welfare patrol.


Achievements are badges that symbolize goals achieved by you as opposed to goals set by the user himself, however, these are devised by Apple itself and can be permanent or seasonal (as in the New Year and LGBT Pride challenges, for example).

Achievements in the Activity app on the iPhone

You can check all the achievements you can get in the Activity app on the iPhone, by accessing the homonymous tab. The platform takes into account, to determine if you have met the established goals and deserve to earn the badge, both the data collected by native Apple Watch apps and third party apps any application that passes the data to Sade also contributes to the arrival at those goals.

In the same Achievements tab, in the iPhone app, you can check all the devices you?ve already won by just tapping it and the app will show you when you won that prize and why. You can also see the back of the badge by sliding it to the left or right.

Apple Watch Special Achievements

It is good to note that, on days of special achievements, you can receive a notification on your Apple Watch notifying you of the occasion. While normal achievements can be obtained at any time, they will only be available throughout that day, so if you want that badge, you have to strive to meet the target in question over the next few hours. very fun!

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These were just a few health and wellness tips for you to get the most out of the features of your Apple Watch and Ma's health platform. Soon, we'll be back with more and you can suggest what you want to see here next. Opinions?

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