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Google's ride-sharing service Waze Carpool finally arrives in Brazil

Announced more than a year ago and still promised for 2017, the Waze Carpool hitchhiking service from the company commanded by Google finally arrived in Brazil as an alternative to share the cost of the trip with people who are going to the same place. The official announcement was made today and the service will operate throughout Brazil, as disclosed by the Gizmodo.

Despite the similarity with the Uber, the Waze app does not intend to transform the service into a source of fixed income for drivers; on the contrary, the intention is to reduce the number of cars on the streets by allowing people traveling to nearby destinations to share the costs of travel. Consequently, the service ends up serving as a solution for large traffic and, of course, for the environment.

Waze makes it easy to find coworkers who will be passing by your home, so why not invite that person who lives nearby or on the way to join the community too? According to the company itself, by participating in the Carpool, you can considerably reduce the costs of commuting. The value of the ride for everyone who shared it suggested by the app and can vary between R $ 4 and R $ 25 and the payment made only by credit card.

For the driver, just indicate in the traditional Waze app that you are offering a ride; da, the passenger enters the destination in the Waze Carpool app and chooses the nearest ride. In addition to being able to restrict rides between co-workers, Carpool allows you to select who you want to ride with according to gender. The app also offers some important information about all users of the service, such as Facebook page, verified number / email and reviews. Yes, it is possible to evaluate drivers and passengers through the app.

Another great news for those interested in the service is the promotional value of the launch: all rides carried by Carpool will cost R $ 2, regardless of the distance, Google has not informed you until when it counts. In addition, Brazil is the first country to have a national service launch, which will be available from tomorrow (8/22).

The Waze Carpool app is now available for iOS and Android.

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