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Fortnite may be coming to Apple TV, indicates game code [atualizado: negado!]

At this point, it is already possible to say without fear of making mistakes that Fortnite It is one of the biggest phenomena of popularities of electronic games in this decade. The Epic Games title met a huge and loyal audience, with unrestricted audiences on streaming and astronomical profits since its launch on consoles and Macs / PCs in 2017.

The iOS version arrived in the first half of this year, and the Android counterpart is debuting exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy Note9, expanding to other devices soon. Now, another important platform may be close to winning the title: the Apple TV.

O StormLeaks, a Twitter account dedicated to publishing discoveries and leaks of future Fortnite versions, discovered evidence buried in the game's codes that may indicate the title's imminent arrival on tvOS:

Fortnite is coming to Apple TV. TvOS (Apple TV operating system) was found in the files.

There is, of course, no more concrete information about the possible launch actually, even the mention of tvOS in the game codes doesn?t necessarily indicate an imminent arrival of Fortnite to Apple TVs (it?s just a piece of code referring to a discarded project, for example). But the good idea is undeniable, it seems inevitable considering that the game is already on basically all possible platforms and, above all, it can be revealed at the Apple event in September, where the company can boast of the news as much as it wants and disclose even more its black box as a substitute for the character of modern consoles.

Of course, for that, Fortnite players on Apple TV would have to invest in a separate control, neither Siri Remote nor the iPhones / iPads remote control, after all, would serve to carry out his commands. Can Apple take the opportunity and advertise its own joystick, too? We'll have to wait and see.

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via 9to5Mac

Update 08/21/2018 s 19:15

, apparently we can settle our butts and get our respective horses out of the rain. O game designer Epic Games' Nick Chester tried to deny on Twitter the rumor that Fortnite was coming to tvOS:

Before this gets out of hand:

Epic is not planning to bring Fortnite Apple TV. References to tvOS in the Fortnite archives are the result of general support on the Unreal Engine platform.

So that. False alarm, personal; circling, circling