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Executive who has been in charge of Siri since 2012 leaves office

The chair dance in the Silcio Valley is quite intense, with executives changing companies all the time. On the other hand, the internal competition is also fierce and it is not uncommon to see big names leaving the command of some area. And this is exactly the case below.

Bill Stasior

Bill Stasior was responsible for Crab since 2012 it is up to you to judge whether or not he did a good job, since Siri is highly praised in some points (she is the virtual assistant who understands more languages, for example) and criticized in others (such as his limitation in the system as a whole) ). According to the The Information, Stasior left the leadership of the project; he still works at Apple, but it is not known to which area the executive was moved. It is now up to John Giannandrea to appoint a replacement.

The matter of The Information understand that the switch took place to give Giannandrea more control over Siri, an important pillar under the umbrella of the former Google executive who was recently promoted to senior vice president of machine learning and strategy artificial intelligence.

Stasior was hired by Scott Forstall (ex-iOS boss who was fired from Apple in 2012) and, before joining Ma, worked at Amazon (more specifically on the company's search engine A9).

Bill Stevenson

This other Bill (a 14-year veteran of Apple) left the company and went to Google.

As we reported at the end of 2017, Google is working on a new operating system called ?Fuchsia?. And the hiring of the engineer, who had been working directly on macOS since 2004, makes perfect sense, he himself confirmed everything in a publication on LinkedIn.

Stevenson started out as a product launch engineer, screening and diagnosing application problems and frameworks; after the promotion to senior manager of software engineering, he became the technical leader of features like AirPlay, Find My Mac, iCloud for Mac and AirDrop; in 2012, he became senior manager of program management for macOS / Windows and participated in all major versions of Lion up to Mojave, leading teams responsible for creation, release and more.

Adrian Punderson

Punderson worked at Apple from mid-2015 until the end of last year, being responsible for intellectual property investigations at the company. Now, he is at Juul (which sells a kind of electronic cigarette).

His role in the new company is to work with government agencies with the vice president of intellectual property, to combat the sale of counterfeit products and possible infringers (products that are marketed as Juul, for example).

via AppleInsider, 9to5Google, TechCrunch