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Apple sold about 66 million iPhones in its last fiscal quarter

Yesterday, Apple released its results for the first fiscal quarter of 2019 and, for the first time, did not inform the number of iPhones, iPads and Macs sold in the period. As expected, the market analysis firms rushed to clarify these data for us, starting with the Strategy Analytics.

According to the company's estimates, Ma sold about 66 million iPhones last fiscal quarter; if accurate, this represents a 15% drop in the number of devices shipped over the same period in 2018, when the company sold 77.3 million devices.

Strategy Analytics also stated that the performance of Apple's flagship device was ?disappointing? and described some reasons for this (which we have already commented on): high retail prices incompatible with some markets, intense competition, reduction the subsidy of the operators in some countries and, of course, the infamous battery replacement program (which greatly reduced upgrades during this period).

Although it did not disclose the number of smartphones sold in the last quarter, Apple revealed that there are more than 900 million iPhones in its installed base, which represents an increase of approximately 75 million devices, according to the CFO of the company Luca Maestri.

In total, Apple already has more than 1.4 billion gadgets activated (including iPads and Macs in the account). This is the first time that Apple informs its base of devices installed next to the tax result and Maestri promised that, from now on, this data will be updated periodically.

via MacRumors, AppleInsider