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Apple sold about 14.5 million iPads in the last quarter

As Apple does not disclose more sales of its products by units, market research such as that conducted by Strategy Analytics have become more valuable than ever. We have already seen numbers brought by her on smartphones, now for tablets.

According to the research firm, Apple recorded an annual growth of almost 10% and sold 14.5 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2018, maintaining a strong market leadership. O market share of it went from 23.8% to 26.5%, almost double that of Samsung the second placed.

Check out the complete tables:

Tablet market via Strategy Analytics

Also according to Strategy Analytics, ASP (average selling price, or average selling price) of iPads was $ 463 in the period against $ 445 h a year. This means that more expensive models, like the Pros, sold more.

In 2018 as a whole, the tablet market closed with a 6% retraction. 173.8 million units were sold globally, with Apple taking up 25.8% of the total.

via MacRumors