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Apple is a few billion from becoming the most valuable company in the world again

After a foggy period, Apple's shares ($ AAPL) rose again at such a good pace that, last week, it moved out of fourth place overtaking Alphabet ($ GOOG) and returned to the third place in the ranking of most companies valuable in the world.

Today, another position was won by Ma, who left Amazon ($ AMZN) behind and pasted it at Microsoft ($ MSFT). During the day, Apple even overtook Microsoft, again becoming the most valuable company in the world for a period. At the close of NASDAQ, however, Satya Nadella's company returned to leadership.

With a 2.84% increase, Ma's shares are now worth $ 171.25, taking the market cap company to $ 809.9 billion.

See how the classification is now:

PositionCompanyValue day valueMarket value
1Microsoft$ 105.74+ 2.88%$ 811.2 billion
2Apple$ 171.25+ 2.84%$ 809.9 billion
3Amazon$ 1,633.31+ 0.44%$ 802.2 billion
4Alphabet$ 1,132.80+ 1.99%$ 790.2 billion

The numbers are very close, so we will most likely see changes in positions happening throughout the week. The dispute itself does not mean anything at all, but it is still interesting to follow this symbolic title that stayed with Ma for many, many years.