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$ AAPL skyrockets and Apple surpasses Alphabet as the 3rd most valuable company in the world

As we said earlier last night, shortly after the release of Apple's financial results for its first fiscal quarter of 2019, the numbers surprised Wall Street positively.

As a result, the $ AAPL soared today almost 7% and closed at $ 165.25, bringing Apple's market value to $ 781.6 billion. This made it surpass Alphabet (Google) again, resuming the third position among the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world. Amazon also switched positions with Microsoft, for very little.

Here is the summary of the day of the four giants:

PosioCompanyValue of the dayVariation of the marketMarket value
1 Amazon $ 1,670.43 + 4.80% $ 816.8 billion
2 Microsoft $ 106.38 + 3.34% $ 816.7 billion
3 Apple $ 165.25 + 6.83% $ 781.6 billion
4 Alphabet $ 1,089.06 + 2.68% $ 760.5 billion

The most important message of the figures released yesterday by Apple is that, despite a 15% drop in iPhone revenue, its other segments are all doing very well and growing strongly. In addition, the forecast of $ 55-59 billion in revenue for the next fiscal quarter (which will represent another drop in the year-over-year comparison) above what some analysts had expected.

Jim Cramer, who presents the program "Mad Money" on CNBC, declared that "the biggest pessimists (in relation to Apple) got their tail between their legs" after the release of the latest results.