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Wipe: discover the importance of a clean system update

If you have tried to install a custom ROM, like LineageOS, you came across a piece of advice: do a cleaning, a Wipe, before performing the installation. And although some people say otherwise, a Wipe is necessary. But what is Wipe and why is it so important? In this article I explain everything to you.

What Wipe?

Wipe "means cleaning in English. Therefore, Wipe is a cleaning of your device's operating system, that is, a part of your smartphone's internal memory is erased. Depending on what you want to clean, part of the downloaded applications, personal settings and settings are eliminated from the system.

Pre-installed applications are restored to their original state. After cleaning, your smartphone will behave as it did the first time it was put into operation. For comparison, we can talk about a computer, which we have reformatted and erased all the information we put on it after we first turned it on.

androidpit nexus 5 bootloader 25
Entering Recovery / AndroidPIT mode

Dangers of Wipe

Just like I mentioned above, depending on the type of Wipe you choose, it will clean your entire system, that is, it will disappear with all your information, contacts, downloaded applications, etc. If you do not want to lose any information from your device, make a backup of your data to one or more reliable sources.

After cleaning, your smartphone will behave as it did the first time it was put into operation.

What types of Wipe are there?

To make a Wipe, I need to enter Recovery mode. Being in it, you can choose one of these modes:

Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Erase all your personal data and the system returns to its original state. one of the deepest cleaning modes.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s8 bootloader
Factory reset / AndroidPIT

Wipe Cache Partition

Through this option you clear the cache memory. Cache files are often used for quick access. No installed personal data or applications will be deleted. lighter cleaning.

Wipe Dalvik Cache

In Dalvik Cache there is a directory tree for all stored programs. In addition, you can store addresses and other graphics.

This method is great for applications that take up a lot of RAM, since some of them go to internal memory. By making Wipe Dalvik Cache you will not lose anything that is saved (contacts, game saves, app data), but stabilize the application for the new version, in relation to the compatibility with the previous one.

One of the best uses for Wipe Dalvik Cache with the Google Play Services application, which is native to the system, and that each time it is updated, is a problem for some group of users.

The recovery mode can be accessed on most devices like this:

  • Turn off the device;
  • Restart the device by holding the Home + Volume Up keys + On / Off button;
  • For devices that are not successful with this first step or do not have the Home button, try holding the Power button + the two volume buttons at the same time.

When you enter Recovery mode, simply choose the desired option. If you still have the original Android Stock (as in the image below), use the volume buttons down to navigate and the volume buttons up to select the option.

Why do Wipe?

If you do not do a previous cleaning of the device, after you install a ROM it will still be polluted by the entire system that it previously had. This can cause several accidents, problems and, ultimately, the system can be unstable.

Therefore, a Wipe is highly recommended. And, again (dramatic pause), before we perform a Wipe, of any kind, it is very important to make a backup!

AndroidPIT Moto X wipe cache partition
With Wipe your smartphone is free of "junk" / AndroidPIT

A Wipe frees us from many problems when installing custom ROMs (Custom ROMs) and even after installing a problematic app or some buggy update from the manufacturer. If after installation you check for some errors, accidents or startup problems, completely cleaning the device quickly and easily always helps.

What is the best choice?

The best choice will depend on what you need:

  • To change a ROM, from the original factory (stock) to one from LineageOS, for example, the best option is to make a "Wipe Data". This will completely reset the system and we can thus install the customized ROM in a clean and waste-free way;
  • For minor ROM updates, for example, from one point version something from LineageOS to another, or to install a new Nightly (the most experimental versions), it is sufficient to choose the function "Wipe Cache Partition" and "Wipe Dalvik Cache".
  • For a bigger ROM update, It is necessary to opt for insurance and make a "Wipe Data". In theory, it is enough to just empty the cache memory and Dalvik Cache, but from experience, it is best to do the "Wipe Data", which can be more laborious, but guaranteed.

With a Wipe your smartphone or tablet will work like new. And If there are still problems with the terminal afterwards, just choose "Fix Permissions" from the recovery menu. Thus, the read and write rights for applications and system data will be configured correctly. Often the mistakes come from the.

Have you ever had to Wipe your device? Did our tip help you?

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