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Voltus is a USB hub and an external battery for the new 12-inch MacBook

We recently highlighted here the excellent Hub +, but evidently similar options are not lacking in the market. Today we bring you the Voltus, which combines a USB hub with an external battery for the new 12-inch MacBook.

The product was designed in two versions, the Voltus (35Wh) and the Voltus Pro (55Wh). As the idea of ??having a battery capable of offering a few extra hours of work for the laptop, it is much less compact than the Hub +.

At the rear of the Voltus, we have an output and a USB-C input, as well as two conventional USB 3.0 outputs in addition to LED charge indicators for its internal battery.

The project is approaching $ 20,000 from the $ 32,000 needed to become a reality, with more than a month to go. Anyone who wants to guarantee one can invest US $ 99, including shipping worldwide. In the market, it cost $ 149. The forecast is available until August.

(via TechCrunch)