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It is now possible to run Windows 95 in a free app on your Mac

If you had any contact with the computer world in the second half of the 1990s, it's time to take a bath in nostalgia. An intrepid developer placed an entire copy of the Windows 95 within an application that can be downloaded for free right now and runs easily on your Mac or PC. In other words, I already opened Minesweeper here and goodbye to productivity.

This masterpiece is a feat of Felix Rieseberg, from Slack's development team, who claims to have built the app as nothing more than a joke. Windows 95 within the application as a result of framework open source Electron, which is aimed at creating computer programs with HTML technologies, and works almost perfectly you can explore all its corners and play with games and programs, such as Paint or Pacincia.

It just can't play sounds or connect to the internet, so Internet Explorer won't be able to display pages that a 1995 browser would be able to render a 2018 website in anyway. The application weighs just over 100MB and does not occupy more than 200MB of its RAM, which is not surprising, considering that Windows 95 was aimed at computers that had 16MB or 32MB of RAM in their time.

To download the Windows 95 app, just go to this Rieseberg page on GitHub and click on your operating system; there are versions for macOS, Windows and even Linux. Naturally, the project was not endorsed by Microsoft or anything like that, so it is characterized as a strictly educational thing, which does not, of course, prevent you from spending the rest of your day simply sailing in the sea of ??nostalgia for a time when things were much simpler.

via OS X Daily