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iOS 12, macOS Mojave 10.14 and tvOS 12 get new beta versions

The tests just don't stop! Yes, if you thought that the tenth beta version of iOS 12 could be the last one before the release of Golden Master (the one that, in theory, has everything to be the final), know that Apple continues to release new versions for developers and participants of the Apple Beta Software Program to test. Today do not lose count we arrived 11!

The 16A5365b build of iOS 12 is now available only four days after the release of the tenth beta and obviously has some bug fixes and general improvements.

In addition to iOS 12 beta 11, Apple has just made available to developers the macOS Mojave 10.14 beta 9 (18A377a) and the tvOS 12 beta 9 (16J5360a). The ninth beta of watchOS 5 had already been out a few days ago.

At this point, with a possible Apple event happening on September 12, we are just days away from Apple needing to install iOS 12 on iPhones that will be shipped from Chinese factories to the globe after the pre-sale that rumors are expected to be. start on September 14th. The release of iOS 12 itself, if Apple maintains the calendar for the past few years, should happen around September 19 (Wednesday).

Test versions equivalent to iOS 12 beta 11 (Public Beta 9), macOS 10.14 beta 9 and tvOS 12 beta 9 are expected to paint in the Apple Beta Software Program very soon, so that ordinary users can test and send their Apple feedback.