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HomePod captures only 6% of the American smart speaker market

With only a single $ 350 savory model in the United States, Apple continues to have a tiny market share among smart speakers.

According to the most recent data shared by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple closed the fourth quarter of 2018 with a 6% share.

CIRP on smart speakers

Considering that they estimate that the market as a whole has sold 66 million units, we are talking about about 4 million HomePods delivered in the period, which represents a revenue of approximately US $ 1.4 billion for Apple. Not bad.

Most of the market is dominated by Amazon and Google, which offer much more affordable options for consumers starting at just $ 50 (sometimes even less on certain promotions).

The number of people with two or more speakers at home is also increasing, as this other graph shows:

CIRP on smart speakers

In one year, this market grew by almost 80% according to CIRP.

via TechCrunch