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FOX streaming service now independent of link with operators

Little by little, all the big names in pay TV are migrating to freer transmission models, disconnected from cable / satellite operators and based only on the internet. HBO and Premiere have already done this, and FOX was one of the most recent giants to join the wave, a few months ago. Now, good news is coming to the platform FOX +.

It is explained: when the service was launched, it could not be signed separately, depending on a link to a broadband or cell phone company, that is, you would contact your provider to add FOX + to your account. and have platform access. Now, this is no longer necessary: ??you can subscribe to the service directly from the App Store or Google Play, only with your account at one of these stores (and a valid credit card, of course).

Furthermore, nothing changes: FOX + continues to cost R $ 36 monthly and offers live programming access to all 11 channels of the group (FOX, FOX Life, FX, FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2, FOX Premium 1, FOX Premium 2, NatGeo, NatGeo Wild, NatGeo Kids and BabyTV) it is possible to return to programming in up to and including 24 hours. Episodes from several series and several films of the group, such as "The Walking Dead", "Homeland" and ?The Simpsons?, and all the sports content of the FOX Sports channels.

The service can be accessed via the browser or through applications for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, some Smart TV systems and Xbox One (an app for the PS4 is on the way, too).

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Does the business take off now?

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