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First HomeKit devices to hit the market soon [atualizado 2x: Apple TV]

Recently, Fortune launched a piercing rumor about a possible delay in the launch of products with HomeKit. It was immediately denied by an Apple spokeswoman and the day came: today, several manufacturers announced that products bearing the seal ?Works with Apple HomeKit? will soon hit the market.

elgato EveEve, from elgato

Among the first companies to partner with Apple are elgato, ecobee, Lutron, Insteon and iHome.

The products advertised vary in features such as remote control including using Siri lighting, temperature, fans, door locks, speakers or other residential applications directly via iPads, iPhones and / or iPods touch.

Insteon HubInsteon Hub

Several of the products are now on pre-sale and will reach the international market this month.

(via TechCrunch)

Update · 06/02/2015 s 15:18

According to the reader Carlos E. Backes noted in the comments, the technical specifications of some of these new products confirm rumors that the Apple TV (third generation upwards, with Apple TV Software 7.0 or higher) to be used as a ?hub? for HomeKit.


Update · 06/03/2015 s 11:00

Apple also published a support article confirming the use of Apple TV as a hub for remote control of devices with HomeKit.