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Apple's chip team would already be working on a modem suitable for iPhones / iPads

In the midst of a homogeneous fight with Qualcomm and Intel modems are not as good as Apple expects, we have been talking here on the site for a while about rumors of Ma's own modems getting ready by 2021, who knows.

Now the Reuters reported that the efforts of this project have been intensified since last month, when Apple moved engineers working on its modems into the team that designs the company's own chips in Cupertino.

Who heads this team Johny Srouji, senior vice president of hardware technologies at Apple, and the intention is not only to relieve the company of this dependence on such an important component in iPhones / iPads, but also to give it more control over the evolution of its technologies. Fur timing of the project, well able that the whole focus of the team is on the generation 5G.

Before Srouji took over these areas, Rubn Caballero (who responds to Dan Riccio, Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering) was in charge of these efforts, but he always worked directly with Ma's partners to manufacture these components, and in a project ?In-house?.

Obviously, the adoption of this own chip in future iGadgets depend on how successful and punctual the project is. We'll follow up.

via MacRumors