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AppleCare + now covers batteries that retain 80% or less of their original capacity [atualizado: MacBooks também]

Every Apple product has the option of an extended warranty, called by the company AppleCare. Here in Brazil, we have AppleCare available for Macs, iPads, iPods and Apple TV the iPhone, for now, remains out of the picture.

The extended warranty of iGadgets and now Apple Watch works a little differently than Macs. That's why the name is different instead of AppleCare, AppleCare +.

This more (plus) in the name started to be used due to a feature not offered by the common warranty extension: by paying a ?small? fee (which varies according to the product / model), Apple changes the defective equipment even if the problem is not covered by the product warranty (such as an iPhone that fell into the water).

Today, however, Apple has made a small change in terms of AppleCare + for iPods, iPhones, iPads and Watches. In short, the company previously offered coverage for battery changes if they were retaining 50% or less of their original capacity. Now it has improved that by offering coverage for batteries that are retaining 80% or less of the original capacity.


But how do you know if your battery is in trouble? The iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity for 500 full charge cycles; Apple Watches, for 1,000 cycles; that of iPads, for 1,000 cycles; that of iPods, for 400 cycles; and finally that of MacBooks, for 1,000 cycles.

A cycle does not necessarily mean that you have to go from 100% to 0% battery at once. In fact, a charge cycle ends when you use (discharge) an amount equivalent to 100% of the battery's capacity. For example: you can use 75% of the battery's capacity in a day, then give a full charge overnight. If you use 25% the next day, you will have discharged 100%, and the two days will be equivalent to a charge cycle.

Although we do not have AppleCare + for iPhone here in Brazil, all Ma products have a one-year warranty. If you think your battery is not holding its charge properly, please note that your product's one-year warranty includes overhaul coverage in the event of a defective battery. If the product is out of warranty, Apple offers a battery review service at prices that vary:

  • iPhones: R $ 299;
  • iPads: R $ 399;
  • iPods: from R $ 289 to R $ 839;
  • MacBooks: from R $ 799 to R $ 999.

So, here?s the tip.

(via MacRumors)

Update · 06/29/2015 s 22:02

MacBook's non-removable batteries now also have the same type of protection. That is, if you have AppleCare for your Mac and your battery is no longer retaining 80% of its original charge, the company will exchange it at no additional cost.

(via MacRumors)

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