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Apple reportedly discarded plans for its own TV more than a year ago

Much has been said recently about a new Apple TV, but those rumors of a "ITV" a television, in fact, from Apple fell asleep. This is because, according to the WSJ (closed matter for subscribers), the project would have been discarded by Ma more than a year ago.

ITV conceptMockup created by Martin Hajek

Vehicle sources say that Apple has experimented with high-resolution screens, new sensors and cameras built into a television, but that the set has not pleased executives to the point of taking the product development forward.

It is more than normal for large companies like Apple to invest resources in projects that I will never leave the paper, and in the case of television, it should still take much of what it learned with prototypes and the like to Apple TV itself, its set-top box. At a time when rumors were hot, we even discussed on our podcast how strange it would be for customers leaving Apple Retail Stores carrying huge boxes with ~ 50-60 inch TVs.

I don't know about you, but I'm very excited about the information that is coming up regarding Apple TV, not least because it's something I know I can buy. Let WWDC 2015 come!

(via AppleInsider)