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Apple raises – again – the prices of some computers in Brazil! [atualizado: em outros países também]

Apple today updated its line of 15-inch MacBooks Pro and 27-inch iMacs with 5K Retina display. The news was punctual and nothing extraordinary (all as expected). What was not expected, again, were the prices of these products increasing here in Brazil.

Yes, it looks like it became routine. Whenever something new paints Apple takes the opportunity to readjust values ??here. In January, when the dollar was around R $ 2.70, Apple readjusted the prices of desktop computers; in March ($ 3.10) it was notebooks' turn; because now, shortly after, everything has been readjusted again.

Here are the new prices:

Mini macs

Previous modelNew price
InputR $ 3,099.00R $ 3,599.0016.1%
IntermediateR $ 4,299.00R $ 4,899.0014%
Top of the lineR $ 5,999.00R $ 6,899.0015%


Previous modelNew price
21.5 ? inputR $ 6,799.00R $ 7,899.0016.2%
Intermediate of 21.5 ?R $ 7,999.00R $ 9,299.0016.3%
Top of the line 21.5 ?R $ 8,999.00R $ 10,599.0017.8%
27 ? inputR $ 10,999.00Discontinued
Top of the line 27 ?R $ 11,999.00R $ 12,699.005.8%
Entrance with 27 ? Retina displayDid not existR $ 14,299.00
Top of the line with 27 ? Retina displayR $ 14,999.00R $ 16,299.008.7%

Macs Pro

Previous modelNew price
InputR $ 17,999.00R $ 21,999.0022.2%
Top of the lineR $ 23,999.00R $ 27,999.0016.7%

MacBooks Pro with 15 ? Retina display

Previous modelNew price
InputR $ 12,799.00R $ 13,999.009.4%
Top of the lineR $ 15,999.00R $ 16,999.006.3%

Okay, even though the dollar is now more expensive than in January (now it is about R $ 3.00), it is more affordable than in March, when the MacBooks were readjusted. So, it doesn?t make any sense that the increase in prices of the 15-inch MacBook Pro since outside they still cost the same thing. And although the increases in desktops are "justifiable" (variation of R $ 0.30 from the dollar), there is no way to swallow a 22% readjustment in Mac Pro just four months after prices have risen 7.5%.

Unfortunately it is increasingly impossible to buy Apple products in Brazil

Update · 05/19/2015 s 15:51

As has already happened this year, the increase was not restricted to Brazil. Several countries such as Canada, Portugal, France, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Italy, Finland, among many others also suffered from the readjustment.

According to MacRumors, in Europe mini Macs increased by 50-100 euros; iMacs rose between 100 and 150 euros; the Macs Pro are about 400-600 euros more expensive.