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Apple Music is coming to Android Auto

CarPlay and Android Auto there are still two relatively rare elements in the Brazilian automotive scenario for the sole and exclusive reason for the stubbornness of the automakers when insisting on own and (often) worse solutions.

The paradigm, however, is gradually changing and now users of the Apple music who have their feet on the competing platform will be able to enjoy their music directly through Android Auto, if their cars offer this option.

Apple Music on Android Auto

According to an analysis by the Android Police in the latest beta of Apple Music for Android (version 2.6.0), the application is adding support to the robot's automotive system. With this, it will be possible to carry out basic actions within the platform of streaming from Ma directly from the vehicle's entertainment system, which includes selecting playlists, skip tracks or search for content; the complete experience of the service, of course, will not be present because it is a very simplified interface.

The latest beta of Apple Music for Android also brings other features that are already present in iOS, such as search for song lyrics, new pages of artists and playlists with songs played by your friends.

To participate in the app's testing program, you'll need to request access to this Google group and, if accepted, sign up for this app's test page. You can also download the latest application beta .apk from this link.

Good addition or does it make a difference?

via MacRumors