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Apple blocks Watch "Pride" display in Russia

Apple has always prided itself on being a company that fights for minorities and the rights of everyone to be who they are, without distinction of color, gender, sexuality or any other aspect. However, we all know that some factors may be stronger than others losing market share in the largest country in the world, for example, may be a factor good convincing.

I say this because our friend Guilherme Rambo, of 9to5Mac, took a look at the watchOS code and made an unpleasant discovery, let's say:

The ?Pride? dial of the Apple Watch encoded will not appear if the paired iPhone is located in Russia.

If you remember, Apple launched the display "Proud" for his watches in the last WWDC as a tribute to the LGBT + movement in the same way he had done in previous years, launching bracelets with the theme of the rainbow and other actions of the type. Well, apparently our Russian friends can't really access the display, unfortunately.

It is not necessary to remember that Russia has adopted, over the years, increasingly homophobic policies. Relationships between people of the same sex are classified in the law as ?non-traditional? and a law implemented by there in 2013 prevents what they call ?gay propaganda? ie the simple defense of LGBT + rights there can lead to jail. And don't even think about trying to show some affection with another person of the same sex in public (I'm not saying that, Itamaraty did). The situation is really horrifying.

It is impossible to say, at this point, whether Apple's decision to remove the Apple Watch dial in Russian territory has to do with any order from the Kremlin, whether they simply did it for fear of losing ground in the (notoriously homophobic) Russian market or whether , in a more altruistic perspective, the decision has to do with the safety of its users in the country.

The fact that it is not sad in itself reflects only a much worse situation, and that (unfortunately) shows no prospect of change in the near future. It doesn't hurt to dream, however.

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