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Apple anticipates and sues “patent troll” after threats involving USB recharge patents

The team of lawyers at Apple always has a lot of work to do during the year, not only regarding major legal disputes (such as those of Samsung, Qualcomm and others), but also due to the multitude of smaller lawsuits that arrive in Cupertino normally opened by calls Patent trolls.

An Patent troll It is a company founded exclusively for the purpose of registering (or even buying) various patents and, without actually using them in any specific product / service, go after giants who may be violating them. This time, however, Apple acted more quickly.

After receiving some threats of process from the Fundamental Innovation Systems International (FISI), Apple?s lawyers decided not to waste time and they have already filed a lawsuit against Patent troll.

FISI holds some patents related to recharging via the USB interface (acquired from BlackBerry, some of them registered in 2000), so Apple did not even want to run the risk of having a bigger headache in courts. Basically, lawyers filed a Northern California District Court request that he Patent troll to proceed with their ?lying claims?.

In its preliminary explanations, Apple says that none of its products infringe FISI patents because they are based on its proprietary Lightning interface, and not on the open protocols of the USB 2.0 standard described in the patents in question.

FISI has already opened similar lawsuits against companies like Huawei, LG and Samsung, which subsequently reached licensing agreements with it.

We will, of course, follow the progress of this case.

via MacRumors