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Apple Announces Beats Pill XL Speaker Recall [atualizado 2x]

Apple today announced a speaker recall Beats Pill XL, product launched in November 2013 prior to its acquisition of Beats Electronics.

Beats Pill XL

According to the company, ?in rare cases? the batteries in the Beats Pill XL (any of its colors) could overheat and create a risk of fire.

In the United States, consumers will receive a $ 325 refund and will be able to choose whether they want the Apple Store credit amount or electronic payment.

Although the Beats Pill XL was approved by Anatel in November last year, it did not start being marketed in Brazil and by the way it never was. Therefore, the recall is not available here.

More details are on the Beats Pill XL Speaker Recall Program.

Update · 06/03/2015 s 13:05

According to WSJ, Apple sold about 220,000 units of the product s in the United States, and another 11,000 in Canada. That is, the acquisition of Beats may have just been at least $ 75 million more expensive.

The recall decision was made after eight reports of defective products, with one victim even burned.

Update II · 06/03/2015 at 16:20

Apple Brasil's press office confirmed to the MacMagazine that the recall will not happen in our country, so who brought it from abroad will have to resolve it on some international trip.