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Apple agrees to pay R $ 2.1 billion in retroactive taxes in France

Apple has just resolved a long dispute ("long" put on that, it's just over ten years!) With the French government and agreed to pay 500 million euros (about R $ 2.1 billion) in retroactive taxes. The amount in question was confirmed by AFP.

The whole issue revolved around ?holes? in the law exploited by Apple and other multinationals to pay less taxes in Europe. The French government supports a new tax on digital companies that applies across the European Union.

"As a multinational company, Apple is regularly audited by tax authorities around the world," said an Apple France spokesman. "The French tax administration recently completed a multi-year audit of our French accounts, and these details will be published in our public accounts."

A few months ago, Apple concluded a payment of almost R $ 69 billion to the Irish government also for tax evasion, but it is still appealing this fine imposed by the European Commission.

Ecommerce giant Amazon was also the subject of a similar investigation in France and, a year ago, agreed to pay 203 million euros (~ R $ 850 million) in retroactive taxes.

via TechCrunch