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Anatel approves the new 12-inch MacBook

The expectation for the approval of the Apple Watch is great, after all, this is the first necessary step for the product to be launched in Brazil. But there is another recent Apple launch that also needed to go through the National Telecommunications Agency, possibly because it uses new Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth components.

O 12-inch MacBook (model A1534), which has just been approved by Anatel.

Anatel approves new MacBookHomologation Certificate

Here are the photos of the unit sent for approval:

Anatel approves new MacBook

Anatel approves new MacBook

The MacBook at already appears in the Brazilian Apple Online Store, but has a shipping period of 3-5 weeks for all its models. Apple possibly already knew that the approval was about to come out.

Check here the first impressions about the MacBook, directly from Australia.

New MacBook (thumbnail)


Price view: Starting at R $ 7,649.10Installed price: entry model at at 24x from R $ 403.63Models: silver, gold and space grayCurrent generation: Retina, 12 inch, Early 2015

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