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Tim Cook and over 100 executives call for US immigrant protection

The actions of US companies in favor of immigrants and social inclusion policies don't stop, and Apple especially through its CEO, Tim cook one of the main proponents of these initiatives. Cook recently joined more than 100 top executives in a coalition to support and advocate for Dreamers.

DreamersAs we have explained in more depth in this article, only immigrants who have come to the United States illegally under the age of 16, usually with their parents or guardians. A few years ago, the Obama administration passed an emergency law regularizing the situation of these young people and children, granting them study and work visas; Since Donald Trump took over the White House, however, the situation of immigrants has been shaky, with the program's imminent cancellation and the possibility of deportation of young people.

Given this uncertainty and the possibility of a further government shutdown soon due to budget-related disruptions of the possible wall to be built on the border with Mexico, executives and leading figures from the business world founded the so-called Coalition for the American Dream (Coalition for the American Dream), which aims to pressure Congress for a human solution for immigrants.

In addition to Cook, the group has heavy figures like Mark zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Sundar pichai (Google), Jack dorsey (Twitter) and Ginni Rometty (IBM). Today, a coalition letter to the US Congress was published full page on New York Times:

Letter signed by Tim Cook and other executives calling on US Congress to protect young immigrants

In the letter, the group asks congressmen to ?act immediately and pass permanent and bipartisan legislation that allows Dreamers continue living, working and contributing to their communities. ? The text cites studies by economists from various parts of the ideological spectrum who state by consensus that the US economy could lose up to $ 350 billion in GDP due to deportations, while tax revenues could fall by as much as $ 90 billion.

"They are our friends, neighbors and colleagues, and they should not have to wait for processes and hearings that determine their fates when Congress can act now," the coalition said.

The Apple CEO also went to Twitter to reinforce the message:

The Dreamers are our co-workers, friends and neighbors. They contribute to our economy and communities. Your dreams are our dreams. We are calling the new congress to defend American values ??and permanently protect the Dreamers.

The last time Trump talked about the Dreamers, the president's proposal was to approve a temporary (and limited) solution to protect the rights of young people; As the Democratic wing of Congress deemed the idea insufficient, uncertainty remains. Let's see what the next few weeks will bring, therefore.

via Cult of Mac

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