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Apple sold more AirPods than iPhones in its first two years

At sea is not very good (in terms of creativity and innovation, at least) that has settled at Apple in recent years, the Airpods they stand out as evidence that the old flame is still lit in Cupertino: even though they have their share of critics, wireless headphones almost quintessentially represent Ma's quest for simplicity and ease of use. And consumers give the answer.

Cumulative sales of Apple products in first two years of availability

In a very interesting research for the Above Avalon, analyst Neil Cybart has come to the conclusion that AirPods won the runner-up in Apple's product ranking that sold more units in the first two years of the line's existence, considering the entire universe of products within the iPhone categories as "line". , iPad, Apple Watch, iPod, and more.

As the graph above shows, 9 quarters after launch, AirPods have already had about 25 million of units sold. Surprisingly, the ranking champion on the iPhone, but the iPad, which sold an impressive 80 million units in its first 2 years; Ma's smartphone, in turn, had about 22 million units shipped in the same period.

More than just a commercial success, AirPods are also a hit from Internet. Cybart cited how interest in headphones has only grown, which is rare, considering that we are talking about an accessory and a product that has completed two years of life without any upgrades and no discounts on its price. To give you an idea, comparing Google searches in December 2017 and December 2018, Internet users' interest in AirPods has grown. 500%, according to data raised by the analyst.

Searches for

This is happening because, in a way, AirPods have already become memes in various corners of the internet. The very image of the two little white tubes sticking out of people's ears is getting as iconic as the iPod campaign silhouettes with their wired white headphones. In other words, Apple has achieved with AirPods something it has not achieved since the advent of the iPhone: to make one of its products an element of pop culture.



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With rumors of a headset upgrade coming up soon, the question is: will Ma be able to keep the shuttlecock in the air and will the AirPods remain in their current status? Let's wait and see.

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