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Apple plans event on March 25 to launch its news service

Do you know this ?Netflix of magazines / newspapers? Apple, that publishers apparently are not very excited? Because the company plans to launch the service on the day March 25 (one Monday), according to the BuzFeed News.

Sources of journalist John Paczkowski (who has a close relationship with Apple) reported that the event will be primarily focused on the news subscription service and that we are unlikely to see releases like new AirPods, AirPower or iPads as speculated.

Still according to Paczkowski, his sources declined to comment on the upcoming service of streaming of video, which has everything to be released in 2019 and could very well be in that same event given that rumors pointed to its arrival in April.

Negotiations with publishers

According to Wall street journal Many publishers are resisting the idea because of Apple's proposed revenue share, which would hold 50 percent of the amount raised; The other 50% would be split among all publishers "according to the amount of time users are involved in the articles." To top it off, Apple doesn't want to provide credit card information or email addresses to publishers, something they often use to create databases and try to market their products.

Newspapers like The New York Times and Washington post, for example, have not yet reached an agreement with Apple because of these deadlocks; himself WSJ It didn't come in either, but conversations with Apple were described as "productive."

As it works today, the Apple news (which is only available in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom) already works with subscriptions, with publishers maintaining 70% of revenue generated and Apple getting 30% this in the first year; from 13 ms, Ma's share drops to 15%, in the same way as the App Store. Most likely because of this, the company's decision to keep 50% of the revenue generated from this new service must have greatly frustrated the plans of content publishers and producers.

Not to mention that many already offer their own subscriptions on their respective websites for $ 10 (which is all that Apple charges for their service) or up to $ 15; When participating in such a project where revenue is shared with other vehicles (according to the time the user spends reading the materials), the scale needs to be huge to really be worth it financially speaking, of course, setting aside all other aspects like, for example, the showcase that an Apple service can become.

March 25th really?

There is a small chance that the event will change dates precisely because of these negotiations with publishers and publications. Paczkowski sources said some executives are really pissed off. And if Apple can't close with major publications, it makes no sense to announce unless it uses the launch precisely to put pressure on those vehicles (a strategy that the company seems to have used in the past).

We'll see what's next for!

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors