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9 movies and series released in January that you may have missed on Netflix

In December, we published here on PCWorld Brasil all the films and series that Netflix would launch now in January. The month has arrived, the titles are still being made available and many of them may go unnoticed by the amount of new attractions. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to follow some original productions from Netflix itself.

Below, we've listed nine movies and series you can only find on Netflix. The vast majority of them were very much evaluated by specialized critics, while others call attention for the curious plot. It is a fact that you can start streaming these shows whenever you want, as they are all available on the platform.


It was not only in Brazil that Netflix was criticized by religious for putting Jesus in their productions. The series Messiah proof of that. The plot reimagines the birth of Jesus Christ today, which appears for the first time in the Middle East. His sudden appearance and apparent miracles arouse an increasing number of international followers, casting doubt on who he really is until the case is investigated by a CIA agent.

My Name Dolemite

Oscar nominee Eddie Murphy plays the great comedian and rap pioneer Rudy Ray Moore, who surprised pessimists with his alter ego Dolemite, a hilarious and obscene kung fu fighter who became a phenomenon of the Blaxploitation movement in the 1970s The feature also features Wesley Snipes and Keegan Michael-Key.

Giri / Haji

Giri / Haji, which can be translated as ?Duty / Shame?, one of the most recent additions to the Netflix catalog. In this British series, a police detective in Tokyo travels to London in search of his missing brother, who left gangster life in Japan a few years ago. The series has the same producers of Chernobyl from HBO, and brings in the cast names like Takehiro Hira and Kelly Macdonald.

Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds a series of criminal drama from the United States based on the Russian film The Major. The series was developed by Veena Sude produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and had the first 10 episodes on Netflix. In the plot, Peter Jablonski, a white police officer, runs over a black teenager. The policeman then calls his friends from the force to the scene and assume that the young man is dead. They decide to cover up the case, and racial tensions explode in the face of injustice and the lack of quick resolution of the case.

Magic for Humanity

In this two-season reality show, the magician Justin Willman uses his tricks to intrigue people who pass by on the street. All in a very relaxed and playful tone. According to Willman, who also serves as one of the executive producers of the attraction, no camera or editing effects were used during the display of the magic.

Safety at Play

After helping to prevent a terrorist attack, a war veteran is tasked with protecting the minister who was one of those responsible for the conflict in which he fought. Safety at Play an English drama television series, created and directed by Jed Mercurio and produced by World Productions for the BBC. The series distributed internationally by Netflix, and features Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes as protagonists.

Dont F ** k With Cats: An Online Hunt

This is a documentary series based on real facts about the serial killer Luka Magnotta, who became known in Canada. On the show, we followed a group of people who use the internet to find a psychopath who posted a video of himself killing two kittens.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

You may or may not like Japanese food, but it is impossible not to appreciate the work of Jiro Ono. Considered the biggest sushi chef in the world, his restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro has only 10 places in Japan and charges more than $ 300 for each dish. The documentary shows how the restaurant works, but also immerses itself in the life of Ono and his 85 years, in addition to his motivations, techniques and learning.

Square 6

After forging his own death, a billionaire assembles a team of international professionals for the bold and bloody mission of overthrowing a cruel dictator.

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