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Wind / Attach MacBook Pro Charger Cable Easily with Side Kick

Perhaps the most recent beginners in the Mac world had no contact with that, but there was a time when Ma's computer chargers were a wonderful piece of engineering, with two unfolding tabs that allowed the cable to be rolled up and pinched. around the energy block itself.

This, of course, was long ago and long after MagSafe later, USB-C came to make everything look the same and without that good design. For those who still want a simple solution to wrap and store their Mac charger, however, we have a good tip.

O Side kick It is a small accessory from Fuse, which produces accessories for Macs. It acts like those PopGrips that have become very popular on smartphones lately, sticking to the surface of your charger and expanding or retracting as needed.

When retracted, it barely makes volume in the energy block; When expanded, however, it will wrap your entire cable and secure it at one end, making the charger much more compact, easy to store and tangle-proof. The era of smart design coming back to the Mac is not just Apple's hands.

Despite being aimed at MacBook Pro chargers (even for its white plastic finish that perfectly matches the design of the components), the accessory can be used on any power block (or surface) of at least 7x7cm because of this, it It is not compatible with MacBook and MacBook Air 30W charger. The sticker leaves no residue and reusable.

Fuse Side Kick, Roll-Up Charger Cable for MacBook Pro

Side Kick is currently featured as a Kickstarter project, and has already exceeded its fundraising goal by almost 10x. You can contribute a minimum of $ 12 to receive one unit of accessory, or larger values ??for multiple copy kits; production should start next month and deliveries will start next June.

via MobileSyrup

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