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iFixit disassembles and shows us the guts of the new 21.5 inch iMac entry model [atualizado]

Just two days after launching the 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display, iFixit We put our hands on the input model (no Retina display) and completely disassembled it.

Let's go to the highlights of teardown:

  • The iMac model has not changed (A1418), but its EMC number is: 2889.
  • The opening of the machine continues to be done from the front, hampered by display connection cables and stickers.
  • At least on the unit opened by iFixit, the Retina display provided by LG.
  • Most components have not changed from the previous model.

IFixit gave this iMac a rating of just 1/10 in ?repairability?, as it is difficult to access, it has its CPU and RAM soldered to the logic board (as we have already pointed out here), absence of Fusion Drive connector and glass / LCD fused in one piece.

No surprise, no news

Update · 10/17/2015 s 10:34 AM

IFixit made a huge mess of publishing this disassembly ahead of the Retina 4K display model. We publish a new article about him here.