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Apple is sued by iPad battery that would have caused fire, killing a man

We have frequently commented on trivial cases of lawsuits against Apple involving patent infringement or lengthy legal battles with other technology companies; This time, however, Ma was sued for allegedly being responsible for a fire that led to the death of a man in Parsippany (New Jersey, United States).

According to the case report, filed with the District Court of New Jersey, the lawsuit deals with the death of Bradley Ireland, which occurred almost two years ago (February 22, 2017). According to Ireland's wife Julia Ireland Meo, a defective iPad was responsible for causing the fire that killed her husband, claiming that the device was "excessively dangerous" and that "adequate warnings about the tablet's risks and cautions" were missing.

In addition to taking responsibility for the product, Apple is also accused of manslaughter (when not intent on killing) and also causing permanent damage to Meo's life, as at the time of the accident she "experienced significant pain and suffering" between receiving the news. of the fire and death of her husband on the same day. The report did not say how much Apple should pay for the damage.

Mobile device battery incidents are certainly not recent, and in recent years Apple seems to have seen this kind of problem happen to more than one iGadget. In 2016, for example, we commented on the case of an iPhone that caught fire during a flight; Last year, three similar crashes involved the AirPods, another iPhone (this time inside an Apple Store) and an iPad (also inside an Apple store).

via Patently Apple