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Tim Cook to deliver Stanford 2019 class graduation speech

Almost 14 years ago, Steve Jobs took the stage of the 2005 class graduation at Stanford Universityin California, and made history: his speech is considered to be one of the most remarkable moments in the life of the legendary founder of Apple, and I recommend that you attend it right now if you have never (or even have).

Now, it's time for a new Apple CEO to take this responsibility on himself: the institution announced yesterday that Tim cook give the 2019 class graduation speech next June.

Stanford University dean Marc Tessier-Lavigne justified Cook's choice for his ability to address issues important to society while maintaining a solid executive career.

Tim Cook has already spoken forcefully about the challenges and responsibilities confronting companies and society today. In dealing with them, he does so with vision and values ??qualities that reflect the culture of the Stanford community, and which are paramount to our students and our country. Tim was a natural choice to challenge and encourage our undergraduates now that they leave our campus and find their own way in the world.

Other university staff members praised the direction in which Cook is putting Apple, as well as his unrestricted support for social causes and advocacy for LGBTQ, with a "socially conscious" business leadership style.

The executive also shared a few words about the invitation:

I am honored by the invitation of the students and university staff, and I hope to deepen the remarkable relationship that Apple and Stanford have built together over many years. We share much more than geography; Passionately, the interests and creativity our institutions have in common have helped revolutionize technology and shape the world, and I can't wait to join the graduates, their families and friends in celebrating the even brighter possibilities for the future.

The 2019 class graduation ceremony, with Cook's speech, will be held June 16 next. Tell me, Tim!

via MacRumors